Education is one of the most valuable things in my life. It is vital in the development of human communication, critical thinking, and basic skills needed in the work field. Not only does it provide individuals with information about subjects like math or science, but how to use that information in daily life.

I definitely see change happening in the way students learn. Nowadays, most of our information is digital. We Google topics, log on to digital archives, and participate in crowdsourcing sites like web forums or blogging. The shift from traditional ways of teaching in classrooms, meaning textbooks and lectures on a blackboard, to the a more digital setting will take better form in the future. Instead of written essays, we can upload our writing online and include the media we gathered in our research. Instead of just citing the works, we are able to hyperlink that document or website onto our essays. It will provide our work with a more tangible feel.

Education will definitely be more interactive, despite arguments of Digital Humanities being perceived as erasing that unique human interaction between scholars. If anything, the Digital Humanities will bridge that human interaction by allowing so many people who are already working on the Internet, to collaborate. Education is not only active with physical involvement, but primarily intellectual collaboration as well. Intellectual interaction is just as fast in the Digital Age, than any other times before.

The way educators teach their students will be much different in the future. I am a firm believer that education should be accessible to all people. So, in online education, that dream can come true to many of those who cannot physically be in a classroom. Yet, those who are still going to school, can benefit from online learning. Digital libraries, blogging, and even social media can benefit one’s education. We have to keep up with the Digital Age, not be fearful about it. If used correctly, we can unlock even greater ways of sharing scholarly work and really promote the importance of education.


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