Digital Story Draft

My Digital Story is actually more about the use of Twitter and how it shapes our thought process / why it’s not just some useless Social Media site. Critical analysis on Twitter? Kinda. 😉

If you read my storyboard post, you’d probably understand where I’m going with the Prezi a little better. It’s kind of similar to the direction that the TED talk about secrets took. I did want to record friends do a kind of challenge to pull out random tweets, but I think getting screen shots would be much easier. What do you guys think? Clips or screen shots?

I think I made up my mind and went from iMovie to Prezi. It feels more interactive and I found out voice-overs can be done on Prezi! Sweet.

I still have to do the actual recordings and perhaps smooth out the transitions more.

How does the Prezi look so far? Too much transitions? Not enough? Ahh, I don’t know 😦 .

Any suggestion would be much appreciated. Also, if you need any clarifications or more info about certain parts, feel free to comment. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Digital Story Draft”

  1. Clarissa – I think the Prezi looks great so far! As for the transitions, I think you have a perfect amount right now. They flow smoothly and will definitely keep the attention of your audience. Screen shots would probably be easier than clips and they would still get the point across. One part of the Prezi that I really liked was the urban dictionary definition of Twitter. Such a great idea! They are so spot on & really add to your topic. All in all, your digital story is coming along great!!


  2. Hi Clarissa!
    I really love what you have so far! I definitely think for this idea, prezi worked really well, and much better than iMovie I am guessing. Also, to be honest, I was a bit confused when I read your storyboard, but now I totally understand what you are doing, and I think its awesome! 🙂
    Here are a few of my comments that I hope address your questions and give further feedback/insight:
    1. I think everything looks really smooth and clean, and I didn’t feel like there were too many transitions or that it was distracting at all.
    2. I definitely think you should still do voice overs if you can! I think it will make it more interesting, personal, keep the viewer more attentive, and you can control the tone that way as well.
    3. I like how you included the definitions of what people thought twitter was, but in your storyboard, I thought you were also going to include random tweets? Not sure, but I thought that would also be interesting, just to show how you really can’t always say something substantial or whatever in 140 characters or less (or can you?!). Totally up to you and how you feel your presentation will best flow, but I just remember reading that in your rough draft!
    Overall, I think this is an awesome start, and I can’t wait to see where this goes!


    1. Thanks for the feedback Sami! I’ll definitely add the random tweets to enhance my story, but thanks for the reminder :). I just want it to be fun and really hit those who do use Twitter because 140 characters can be challenging, hilarious, and sometimes weird. Let’s hope this plays out well. Thanks again!


  3. Hey girl.
    I love your presentation so far. To be honest I am not the biggest fan of twitter because when I use twitter I feel like my writing is too restricted. As I interpret it your idea for this project is to show that twitter is used as a via for self-expression. So my question would be how do these 140 characters promote creativity and self-expression. You can also look at the different uses of Twitter. I think your idea of having your friends and a stranger read an old tweet is great. It will be like a throwback of the way they used to think or what was on their mind a few years ago. And I think comparing it to a recent tweet would draw some interesting conclusions.
    Keep up the good work girl!!! 🙂


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