My Internet Habit

What would life be like without the Internet? Well, it would be a wide world without the web. *this is the part where you all laugh or applaud. No? Okay… moving on.

I spend a bit more time on the Internet than I am proud to say. I’m a social media junkie and blogger. If I’m not scrolling down sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then I’m on Tumblr or WordPress. I’m also a big fan of YouTube. I like listening to musicians’ renditions of my favorite songs and take a tip or two from beauty gurus. The best part of YouTube is all the Do It Yourself (DIY) crafts! I like getting in touch with my creative side and searching for things I can do in the future. Let’s not forget about the shopping! Once in a while during the day, I take a look at some stores to see what they have on sale. Buying full price sometimes isn’t college-budget friendly ;).

But don’t worry. Aside from the “social” media, I use the Internet to do a lot of my research on books. I look for the latest releases and read reviews of books I want to purchase. So all that online shopping, tends to become strictly book hauls. I use the web to research about news updates. Keeping up with books and news is useful when thinking about what to blog about. If it’s not for a blog, then it’s just an added bonus to knowledge!

As far as school is concerned, it requires the use of searching scholarly works and writings of certain authors. I use less of social media when I have school because I simply don’t have time for it. Having my social media open is a major distraction and with the amount of tuition my parents and I pay, I simply can’t afford jeopardizing my grade for a Tweet.

I can’t put a certain time limit on how much I use the Web, but I know it’s a lot. Probably a third of my day? I don’t know, it really depends. There are times where I’m not on at all! Gosh, who would’ve thought those days still exist? But they do.

I’m happy to say that I am not completely submerged in this virtual world as many others are. Though I got the social media platforms covered, I don’t make it my life. I still rather be with the people I love and have actual conversations. I feel more alive, more in touch with the world. There’s better things out there than staring at a screen, even when at times it seems hard to look away. It’s important to always remember to shut down so you can tune in.


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