For The Love of #Technology!

409323466We are in the age of Selfies and #hashtags.

Where we stress about how we can fit what we want to say in 140 characters and emojis are an actual language of their own.

And as much as we are obsessed with gadgets, social media, and the next big thing, we are also aware of how much times have changed.

As for me, I couldn’t imagine my life without technology. My cellphone is basically my husband, my laptop is my child, and my camera is my brain. We are able to communicate with people around the globe in a matter of seconds and get answers almost instantaneously. I don’t have to wait for film to be developed, I can upload pictures immediately, and have it viewed by friends and family as soon as it’s done. I’m a social media junkie and love photography, but I am not limited to this screen in front of me. It has changed the world, and I love it, but humanity is something that can’t be replaced. We should remember and be aware that the person next to us is far more important than a tweet. We shouldn’t judge someone by what generation their phone is or the brand they use. We still need those coffee dates with friends and witness them laugh out loud. We need to actually hug our loved ones than send them an “xox” text. A phone call away isn’t the same as being there.

To stay in touch, means to actually be in touch.


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